Blog #5 Chris Leavens

I chose the artist Chris Leavens. His work is extremely interesting. I find his work cute and adorable. He uses bright colors and his work almost reminds me of a Dr. Seuss drawing. A lot of his work is 3D. Chris was raised in Pennsylvania as i was myself so i find him a very inspiring artist. ImageThis is one of my many favorite pieces of artwork by Mr. Leavens. Its colorful with a big lovable looking monster bringing houses wrapped as presents. It puts me in the Christmas spirit. 


Blog #4 Huerta Vs

I find both of these artists and sites remarkable. Gerard Huerta’s work is awesome. Everything that i have looked at is very detailed. It comes off to me as having bold statements. He uses more neutral to dark colors. As to uses bright and beautiful colors. It has a lot rainbow colored details and designs. ImageThis image is my favorite from Huerta. ImageAnd this one from

Blog #3 Bantje vs Fishauf

Marian Bantjes work is flashy and bright. It has lots of shapes and colors combined in a psychedelic kind of way. It has lots of patterns in it.  Louis Fishauf’s work is more retro. He has designed a lot of magazine covers that are stunning. His work reminds me of being very “old school” especially with the colors he uses. They seem to be very pale to me. These pictures are my favorite from each of them.ImageImage

Blog #2 Stahl vs Truttle

I find these artists to be similar but different at the same time. Both use bright vibrant colors and use their illustrations to make a point. Nancy Stahls’ work is mostly thickly colored pieces with just the right amount of detail. Jean Tuttles’ work is very detailed, with lost of lines and colors. I really enjoy both of their work. This is my favorite piece by Tuttle.Image

Blog #1 Ron Chan

I find Ron Chan’s work to be very interesting. I enjoy the way his illustrations are very detailed and almost anime. It reminds me of the cartoons my children enjoy watching. My favorite piece is the picture where a man is dressed up as Santa with the little girl crying on his lap.

 From the links on Ron’s page I found the Artist Erica Leigh Currey. I find her absolutely amazing. Her artwork is bright and colorful. More of cartoon type that I myself enjoy. She has a lot beautiful fairy’s and bright underwater creatures and mermaids, defiantly a new favorite artist. She is the artist and writer of “Finding Nemo”.

Ron Chan’s work compared to Erica Currey’s is very different. Ron’s work is more anime as to where Erica’s is more animated in 3D type work.ImageImage